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Refreshin' Concessions is an ice cream truck business run by the Erdelt family of Ashland, MA. Ken, Janet, and their sons, Jake and Josh, embarked on this journey in the summer of 2018 and the business has flourished since. 

Today, Refreshin' Concessions has spread smiles in neighborhoods and at events all around the 
MetroWest MA area and beyond.


Ashland Local Town Pages Article -

May, 2019

Parents often hope to teach their kids some real-life skills. A year ago, an enterprising Ashland family, Ken and Janet Erdelt, set out to do just that: they bought an ice cream truck and are teaching their kids what it is like to run a business. 

"We started the business with two goals in mind—to provide an opportunity for our sons to earn money for school and college by operating an ice cream truck instead of trying to find summer jobs, and to give them the opportunity to learn what it means to own and run a business,"

Ken Erdelt said.

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